24 02 2009

MCSMS ChartI’d just like to thank everyone who watched Episode 16 and managed to get the views up to 130 in just four days. To put this in perspective, Episode 1 hasn’t managed to get over 100 in just over four months. I can only assume that it’s because Episode 16 was placed onto the Boinx example page, grabbing views from everyone who goes to the page to buy iStopMotion. Here’s a little graph to prove my point; it shows Episodes 1, 16 and the Christmas Episode as a running total so you can see the amazing rate of growth of it.


A Little Shortcut

22 02 2009

Happy Sunday, all people who own computers with internet access! Not only is there a new Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show, Episode 16, but a new quick-access method to reach every episode. Let me show you:

For example, to watch Episode 8 in a hurry, type – it’s as simple as that! Note: For Episode 7.1, it’s and for the Christmas Episode it’s

Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show Now Airing!

12 10 2008

Yes, you read correctly. Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show is being uploaded to YouTube right now! I know I said Wednesday or Thursday, but I wanted to surprise you! Anyway, have a link:

Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show

If I were you, I would wait until at least this time tomorrow before trying to view it – YouTube is still “Processing” it. And don’t forget to subscribe! You can subscribe to the feed on your iPod by viewing this video:

How to YouTube Podcast

Happy watching!

Stop Motion: Does That Even Make Sense?

11 10 2008

It’s a good question. How can “stop motion” make sense? You can’t stop and move at the same time… Oh well.

Today, it’s all about stop motion. I made a little example video using pencils:

It hasn’t quite finished being “processed” yet, so don’t blame me if the video doesn’t work at the moment. Just try watching it again another time!

Or, if you can’t be bothered to come back here, if you wait until about Wednesday, or maybe Thursday, you can go to Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show to see it there. Why not subscribe? Then you’ll never miss an episode! There should be a new one every week, but I doubt it. You’ll have to wait and see.

Side note: You can find the above video by clicking here.

The YouTube Time Warp

30 08 2008

After being sent a link to a video on YouTube by my Chromatically Challenged Father, which was the song “Toast” by Streetband from the 1970s, and then being guided through other songs by him, I essentially went through the YouTube Time Warp of songs. Starting with “Toast” in the early 70s, we progressed to the late 1970s with Jilted John, then went on to Plastic Bertrand with “Ca Plane Pour Moi” in 1978. Afterwards we jumped ahead to 2008 with the Ting Tings and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. Finally, we got a taste of the 1980s with “Mickey” by Toni Basil. What a day!

In the evening, we watched Batman Forever (the one with Harvey Two-Face and the Riddler). That was good, especially as I hadn’t seen it before.

Links to the Youtube videos: