24 02 2009

MCSMS ChartI’d just like to thank everyone who watched Episode 16 and managed to get the views up to 130 in just four days. To put this in perspective, Episode 1 hasn’t managed to get over 100 in just over four months. I can only assume that it’s because Episode 16 was placed onto the Boinx example page, grabbing views from everyone who goes to the page to buy iStopMotion. Here’s a little graph to prove my point; it shows Episodes 1, 16 and the Christmas Episode as a running total so you can see the amazing rate of growth of it.


Another One For The Collection

1 09 2008

Apart from beating Harry at tennis and boxing on Wii Sports, nothing eventful happened today. However, as I looked into Harry’s fish tank today, I noticed yet another new addition – a snail. They didn’t buy it over the weekend, so I assume it was nestled in with one of the plants in the tank. We’re going to take it out, though, before it spawns hundreds of the blighters.

In other news, the August stats for this blog were as follows:

  • Total Views: 132
  • Average Views Per Day: 7
  • Posts: 13