Mr Cheese’s Skiing Adventure

2 04 2009

At the time of writing, it’s 17 hours and 20 minutes until the Epic Mr Cheese Skiing Adventure Begins. You may have already noticed the well-suited temporary new header image (which actually shows Austria, where I’m going for the Adventure) and if not, look up to the top of the page, right now!

It’s a school ski trip to Alpendorf, Austria for a week with skiing all day everyday, Sunday-Thursday. We’re going by coach at 3:40 on Friday, leaving Eastbourne for Folkestone, where it’s onto the Eurotunnel for a while, when Calais all the way to the hotel in Alpendorf. All together it’s about a 14 hour trip, so I have my iPod and a pillow packed for the journey!

If there’s (free) wi-fi at the resort-type-place, I’ll blog each day about the adventures so far. If not, I’ll save posts as drafts then post them as one long ski trip novel when we get back on Saturday at about 12:30 pm.

I’ll be taking my camera, so watch this space for some snowy-white photos!

Oh, and for obvious reasons, don’t go expecting new MCSMS episodes for the next couple of weeks (unless you can tell me how to upload to YouTube from halfway up a mountain, that is). That’s Saturday 4th and Saturday 11th, for those calendar-worshipping people out there.

See you soon!


We’re Back!

29 09 2008

Hi everybody! We’re back from our weekend break. We got back yesterday, but I was too busy preparing English coursework to post. What did we do? I’ll tell you!

We went to Warmwell holiday park, near Weymouth, and stayed in a nice little wooden lodge. We were supposed to have a two bedroom lodge, but luckily we were upgraded to a three bedroom, so I didn’t have to sleep in the same room as Harry. When we arrived on Friday, we wandered round before checking in and dumping our stuff in the lodge.

Harry then got changed ready for his skiing lesson at 2 o’clock. It wasn’t real skiing, mind, it was a dry slope. Anyway, he had a half an hour lesson, during which he spent a lot of time sitting down after falling over. By the end, his trousers were absolutely soaking wet. Afterwards, we went back so Harry could get changed, then we went to the play park and then went mini bowling in the arcade. The bowling cheated – it only counted two out of most of the shots, even when we knocked over about eight! Next, we went to get a ready meal for tea, then we went to watch a very exciting (read: so boring I wanted to run under a bus) pantomime. About six other people attended. That’s how good it was.

On Saturday, we started off by going to the restaurant for breakfast. I had a breakfast bap, that is, a roll with bacon, sausage and egg, and a pot of tea. Afterwards, we drove into Weymouth town centre to buy something for lunch and a book to read. I got Along Came A Spider by James Patterson. After that, we went back to the holiday park and went swimming. There was also a giant chess set there, so I set about teaching Harry the basics. After lunch, I had an hour’s skiing session and Harry had another half an hour. Obviously, I didn’t fall over as much (*cough*) because I’m so much better! We then went to the roller rink, where I learnt to skate properly. In the evening, we stayed in the lodge to watch X-Factor and You’ve Been Framed to spare ourselves from the appalling “entertainment”. We also watched Mock the Week and Live At the Apollo.

Finally, on Sunday, we packed the stuff into the car, drove up and had breakfast. This time I had pancakes with syrup. Then, we went to play Pirate Golf (Arr!) and to the Sealife Centre. The Sealife was the worst part of the weekend – it’s so boring! “Yay, there’s a fish! Oh look, what’s that? Ah, I know. It’s another FISH!” Great fun, I don’t think. When we had finished, we piled into the car and drove down to Poole, where we went real bowling. I scored 124, 126 and 133, but only won the first time! For lunch we had All-You-Can-Eat-Oriental-Buffet, which was quite yummy! Then we had to drive home again.

On the way home, we saw a road sign that pointed to Piddlehinton! What a place to live! Over the weekend, we had seen some very random names, including Affpuddle, Puddletown, Briantspuddle (notice a theme?!) and Bloxworth!

So that was our weekend! I had fun! Do you think it sounded fun?