Flight MCSM003 Has Been Delayed…

24 10 2008

No, I don’t mean an actual aeroplane, silly! I mean that episode 3 of Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show will not be ready tomorrow. Once again, I forgot to bring it with me. I could have emailed it, put it on a memory stick, even put it on my iPod, but no – I had to forget. Again. Oh well. It’ll be ready Sunday night, early Monday morning I suppose. On the plus side, today was an inset day, so that was fun! Bye bye for now!


Oh, My Feet! Part II

25 09 2008

It was the school sponsored walk today! Yay! That meant we had to walk 10 miles up and down the Downs, so now I’m sitting here with no legs because they fell off when I go home. I didn’t have to wear school uniform, and I got to come home early, so that was a bonus. I probably won’t be writing until either Monday or Tuesday now, because we’re going on holiday for the weekend and I won’t have access to Mr Cheese’s. See you at some point, though!

Back To School

4 09 2008

Today, as you may have guessed, was the first day back at school. I’m in Year 10 now, so everything’s a lot more confusing – I have my own lessons to go to; I can’t ask any random person what lesson I have next. Today at school was spent mostly sorting out timetables and exercise books ready to begin properly next week to start studying GCSEs. I had Science, PE, Maths and RS today – less than usual, but that was because of all the admin stuff in the morning.

Laptops, Shopping and a Tiny Surprise

29 08 2008

This post comes to you from my grandmother’s 8.9″ Asus laptop! It’s very difficult to type because of the tiny keyboard that you can’t type too fast on otherwise it misses out keystrokes.

Today was not a very fun day today in comparison to the rest of the week; we went back-to-school shopping including shoes, trousers, shorts, stationery, and then went for haircuts… :o(

Fishy Surprise Note time!

Harry recently bought two new female and one new male fish (guppies). Now, after about a week, we have had to buy a fish nursery for the nineteen baby fish that were born! There are 5 black molly babies and 14 see-through guppy babies. Aaah, how cute. Not.


28 08 2008

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have had no access to Mr Cheese’s Random Ramblings – sorry! I could have posted from my PSP, but I used a strong password generator to create my WordPress password so I couldn’t remember it to log in. In case you were wondering, I use 1Password to log in to websites where I have this situation.

Anyway, this week, several events have happened:

  • Tuesday, we went on a bike ride down the Cuckoo Trail from Polegate to Hailsham, stopping at the Common Pond in Hailsham for lunch.
  • Yesterday, we went bowling, and I lost one of the games to my seven-year-old brother, but beat him in the second game.
  • Today, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, where we had an all-you-can-eat buffet, followed by banoffee pie for pudding – yum!
So it has been a fairly fun week, but unfortunately only a week today until school starts again… 😦