Laptops, Shopping and a Tiny Surprise

29 08 2008

This post comes to you from my grandmother’s 8.9″ Asus laptop! It’s very difficult to type because of the tiny keyboard that you can’t type too fast on otherwise it misses out keystrokes.

Today was not a very fun day today in comparison to the rest of the week; we went back-to-school shopping including shoes, trousers, shorts, stationery, and then went for haircuts… :o(

Fishy Surprise Note time!

Harry recently bought two new female and one new male fish (guppies). Now, after about a week, we have had to buy a fish nursery for the nineteen baby fish that were born! There are 5 black molly babies and 14 see-through guppy babies. Aaah, how cute. Not.



17 08 2008

Today, when I arrived home after a ride on the train, I came upstairs to find that Harry’s previously empty fish tank inhabited by goldfish (turns out it’s not a goldfish, it’s an orange molly), mollies, and a red-tailed shark. Unfortunately, as I was told, there were 14 fish, but three had passed away, meaning only eleven swimming friends. On the lighter side, however, one of the mollies seems to be pregnant, so that eleven could be increased in some time. Catch you later! Oh, I probably shouldn’t say that – “catch”? Fish? Never mind…