A Little Shortcut

22 02 2009

Happy Sunday, all people who own computers with internet access! Not only is there a new Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show, Episode 16, but a new quick-access method to reach every episode. Let me show you:


For example, to watch Episode 8 in a hurry, type http://tinyurl.com/mcsms8 – it’s as simple as that! Note: For Episode 7.1, it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms7-1 and for the Christmas Episode it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms-xmas.


A Game Of Chess

4 10 2008

I’ve been carrying on teaching Harry chess, and since I was on my own today, I decided to play my two chess games on the computer against each other. So, it was Apple Chess against Chessmaster 9000. Who do you think won? I’d like to say it was good old Apple, but since Chessmaster 9k is a professional chess game, it had the expert knowledge to checkmate Apple’s King in 8 moves! 1-0 to Chessmaster!

I just installed 9k on Harry’s PC. He’s playing on Beginner mode and so far all I’ve heard from the other room is “Checkmate” around 6 times. He’s still not the best player in the world…

Same Old…

31 08 2008

Today was a rather non-exciting day, due to the fact that we could not think of anything to do except go into town. We got up, went into town, where I bought a book – The General, by Robert Muchamore – then we came home again to have lunch before spending the rest of the day pottering around on the computer. I started to sort out my iTunes library, adding a few new songs, and creating a sorting system whereby it only plays songs that I like. In the evening, I took the train home, filled my pencil case for school then came up here to go on my Mac. I found a good games site, which you can find here, where you get “badges” for doing certain things in the games.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.