A Little Shortcut

22 02 2009

Happy Sunday, all people who own computers with internet access! Not only is there a new Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show, Episode 16, but a new quick-access method to reach every episode. Let me show you:


For example, to watch Episode 8 in a hurry, type http://tinyurl.com/mcsms8 – it’s as simple as that! Note: For Episode 7.1, it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms7-1 and for the Christmas Episode it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms-xmas.


We’re Better, Connected.

2 09 2008

Most of today was spent doing not a lot, and watching Octopussy (James Bond) on a poor-quality VHS, but some of it included getting all the computers in the house networked. This basically involved allowing access through the firewall for each computer, choosing a folder to share and finding it on another computer. Me and Harry also had a debate about why he would or wouldn’t need and iPod Shuffle, which is his latest phase: listening to my music in iTunes. Luckily, he’s not getting grubby fingerprints on my Mac – he’s sharing my library within iTunes on his PC. Anyway, the debate ended up with him deciding to ask for one for his birthday, which is exactly 45 days, 5 hours, 10 minutes and 30 seconds away. Unfortunately for me, this is also my birthday… I’ll try and upload a countdown to the sidebar on the blog if you’re interested. Turns out the only way to get a timer is using javascript, which WordPress doesn’t allow.


28 08 2008

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have had no access to Mr Cheese’s Random Ramblings – sorry! I could have posted from my PSP, but I used a strong password generator to create my WordPress password so I couldn’t remember it to log in. In case you were wondering, I use 1Password to log in to websites where I have this situation.

Anyway, this week, several events have happened:

  • Tuesday, we went on a bike ride down the Cuckoo Trail from Polegate to Hailsham, stopping at the Common Pond in Hailsham for lunch.
  • Yesterday, we went bowling, and I lost one of the games to my seven-year-old brother, but beat him in the second game.
  • Today, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, where we had an all-you-can-eat buffet, followed by banoffee pie for pudding – yum!
So it has been a fairly fun week, but unfortunately only a week today until school starts again… 😦