A Little Shortcut

22 02 2009

Happy Sunday, all people who own computers with internet access! Not only is there a new Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show, Episode 16, but a new quick-access method to reach every episode. Let me show you:


For example, to watch Episode 8 in a hurry, type http://tinyurl.com/mcsms8 – it’s as simple as that! Note: For Episode 7.1, it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms7-1 and for the Christmas Episode it’s http://tinyurl.com/mcsms-xmas.


Rubik’s Revenge

14 02 2009

Dead 4x4x4 Rubik's CubeWell, Mr Rubik really has wreaked his revenge. My lovely 4x4x4 Eastsheen Rubik’s Cube, which I only got for Christmas looks a tad different to usual. Why is this? I dropped it. It hit my desk. A piece fell out. I picked it up. Another piece fell out. You can guess the rest. Anyway, in spite of desperately trying to put it back together, with the help of some old instructions, I’ve been looking at the price of a new one, because what do you think the chance of getting it back to normal is? I’m thinking about -50%.

Twitter / Of The Day

8 02 2009

Since Friday, two “Photo Of The Day” streams have been set up. One is my Chromatically Challenged Father‘s, named iPhone Photo Of The Day, and the other is mine, Random/Abstract Photo Of The Day. Obviously it’s easy to tell what each consists of. iPhone Photo Of The Day is, well, a photo taken each day using an iPhone, and Random/Abstract Photo Of The Day is a random or abstract photo taken each day. Both are on Flickr.

Now for Twitter. I have joined Twitter and am open to followers/people to follow. Why not go and see? Twitter username is jobbogamer if you want to see my profile.

Nice and Cold

2 02 2009

So yesterday I was wrong, I did get the day off school – after going in for half an hour, they sent us home. We played with remote controlled cars out the front (they don’t drive properly on snowy grass!), had a snowball fight and decided to go sledging, which was fairly fun, but very cold! It’s just lucky I was wearing a hat, gloves and ski-slash-hiking books! I suppose this is just preparation ready for my ski trip to Austria in April.

Night-Time Snow To Begin The Month

1 02 2009

So it’s the first of February (Pinch, punch first of the month, no returns) and it seems that our present is a night-time garden full of snow. It’s about an inch deep, judging from the kitty pawprints on the front path, so there’s probably no need to start getting excited about days off school. For those of you who don’t have a white blanket tonight, here are some snowy pictures for you to enjoy.

Mr Cheese’s New Medium

10 01 2009



Saturday, 10 January 2009 is a joyous day for Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show! It’s the first day it was live, on iTunes, as a podcastYou can now subscribe using Apple’s media software and take it with you on your iPod! Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show (click opens iTunes), as a podcast! And it’ll still be on YouTube!


6 01 2009

macworldgrextetWell, I don’t really have much to say at the moment, except I got my English coursework done on time (yippee) and I am definitely not very good at Tetris (boo). Oh, and I can’t wait to see the video of the Apple keynote which may, or may not, have finished yet. It started about 55 minutes ago – any ideas how long before the video will be online anyone?