Up and Out

30 04 2009

I’m moving blogs. Again. This time, it’s because I now have my own special hosted website – one that costs real money! You can find me at www.joshsunshine.me.uk. It’s a very original domain name, don’t you think? At the moment I’m still finding my WordPress.org legs – it’s the first time I’ve done this, remember – so there’s nothing too exciting there. Read the Hello World! post for more details.



19 03 2009

As you may have noticed (hard not to) Mr Cheese’s Random Ramblings will soon be redesigned. It’s only because I’m bored with it how it is. If you have any interesting ideas for a header image please feel free to comment, otherwise I’ll think of something and it may be very cheesey (see what I did there?). Come back at a later date to see the finished item!

Rubik’s Revenge

14 02 2009

Dead 4x4x4 Rubik's CubeWell, Mr Rubik really has wreaked his revenge. My lovely 4x4x4 Eastsheen Rubik’s Cube, which I only got for Christmas looks a tad different to usual. Why is this? I dropped it. It hit my desk. A piece fell out. I picked it up. Another piece fell out. You can guess the rest. Anyway, in spite of desperately trying to put it back together, with the help of some old instructions, I’ve been looking at the price of a new one, because what do you think the chance of getting it back to normal is? I’m thinking about -50%.

Mr Cheese’s New Medium

10 01 2009



Saturday, 10 January 2009 is a joyous day for Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show! It’s the first day it was live, on iTunes, as a podcastYou can now subscribe using Apple’s media software and take it with you on your iPod! Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show (click opens iTunes), as a podcast! And it’ll still be on YouTube!

La Premièr Cadeau

17 10 2008

What’s this, you say? The first present? But it’s my birthday tomorrow! It’s true; I received my received by first birthday present early today, along with £65 early birthday money as well! What was the present? It was Spore Creatures for Nintendo DS. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it looks good!

So, what will I get tomorrow, on my actual birthday? Who knows (except the people who bought the presents and then proceeded to wrap them up)?

Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show Now Airing!

12 10 2008

Yes, you read correctly. Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show is being uploaded to YouTube right now! I know I said Wednesday or Thursday, but I wanted to surprise you! Anyway, have a link:

Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show

If I were you, I would wait until at least this time tomorrow before trying to view it – YouTube is still “Processing” it. And don’t forget to subscribe! You can subscribe to the feed on your iPod by viewing this video:

How to YouTube Podcast

Happy watching!

The YouTube Time Warp

30 08 2008

After being sent a link to a video on YouTube by my Chromatically Challenged Father, which was the song “Toast” by Streetband from the 1970s, and then being guided through other songs by him, I essentially went through the YouTube Time Warp of songs. Starting with “Toast” in the early 70s, we progressed to the late 1970s with Jilted John, then went on to Plastic Bertrand with “Ca Plane Pour Moi” in 1978. Afterwards we jumped ahead to 2008 with the Ting Tings and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. Finally, we got a taste of the 1980s with “Mickey” by Toni Basil. What a day!

In the evening, we watched Batman Forever (the one with Harvey Two-Face and the Riddler). That was good, especially as I hadn’t seen it before.

Links to the Youtube videos: