Mr Cheese’s Skiing Adventure

2 04 2009

At the time of writing, it’s 17 hours and 20 minutes until the Epic Mr Cheese Skiing Adventure Begins. You may have already noticed the well-suited temporary new header image (which actually shows Austria, where I’m going for the Adventure) and if not, look up to the top of the page, right now!

It’s a school ski trip to Alpendorf, Austria for a week with skiing all day everyday, Sunday-Thursday. We’re going by coach at 3:40 on Friday, leaving Eastbourne for Folkestone, where it’s onto the Eurotunnel for a while, when Calais all the way to the hotel in Alpendorf. All together it’s about a 14 hour trip, so I have my iPod and a pillow packed for the journey!

If there’s (free) wi-fi at the resort-type-place, I’ll blog each day about the adventures so far. If not, I’ll save posts as drafts then post them as one long ski trip novel when we get back on Saturday at about 12:30 pm.

I’ll be taking my camera, so watch this space for some snowy-white photos!

Oh, and for obvious reasons, don’t go expecting new MCSMS episodes for the next couple of weeks (unless you can tell me how to upload to YouTube from halfway up a mountain, that is). That’s Saturday 4th and Saturday 11th, for those calendar-worshipping people out there.

See you soon!



6 01 2009

macworldgrextetWell, I don’t really have much to say at the moment, except I got my English coursework done on time (yippee) and I am definitely not very good at Tetris (boo). Oh, and I can’t wait to see the video of the Apple keynote which may, or may not, have finished yet. It started about 55 minutes ago – any ideas how long before the video will be online anyone?


16 12 2008

Don’t come near me at the moment, unless you want a very sore throat and a major headache. 24 hours a day. Yep, I’ve got germs, and I am not feeling 100%, 75%, 50% or even 25%. I think it’s around 6.28% (which, coincidentally, is approximately 2π {That was this font’s pathetic attempt at a pi symbol, by the way}). Yes, alright, I did that on purpose, but who’s keeping score? So that’s the negative end, or the stick. Now for the positives, or carrot (unless you’re like me and you don’t like carrots, so instead go for a Dairy Milk):

I got my school Report the other day. It was kind of good news really, hence the carrot/Dairy Milk.

Subject – (Indicated Grade) – Actual Grade I achieved.

English – (A*) – A

Maths – (A*) – A-

Science – (A*) – A*

ICT – (A) – C¹

Geography – (A*) – A*

ICT Digital Imaging – (A) – A-

Media Studies – (A) – C²

French – (A) – B

So that wasn’t too bad. Also, bear in mind that that is the first report of the year; my GCSEs are in 1½ years.

¹ I wasn’t at school when the work was due in, so I had to be given a placeholder grade.

² We haven’t had any assessments in Media yet, so again, placeholder.

See you another time! By the way, Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show Episode 8 is live. Have fun!

Flight MCSM003 Has Been Delayed…

24 10 2008

No, I don’t mean an actual aeroplane, silly! I mean that episode 3 of Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show will not be ready tomorrow. Once again, I forgot to bring it with me. I could have emailed it, put it on a memory stick, even put it on my iPod, but no – I had to forget. Again. Oh well. It’ll be ready Sunday night, early Monday morning I suppose. On the plus side, today was an inset day, so that was fun! Bye bye for now!

I Won!

21 10 2008

I got an email at school informing me that I had won Photoshop Phriday. It’s a fortnightly competition where we are told the fortnight’s theme and we have to create a Photoshop image on that theme. This time it was Dinosaurs – What If They Never Went Extinct. It was me that won, obviously, and for my efforts I won a miniature Mars bar. Do you want to see my winning picture? Here you go:

Oh, My Feet! Part II

25 09 2008

It was the school sponsored walk today! Yay! That meant we had to walk 10 miles up and down the Downs, so now I’m sitting here with no legs because they fell off when I go home. I didn’t have to wear school uniform, and I got to come home early, so that was a bonus. I probably won’t be writing until either Monday or Tuesday now, because we’re going on holiday for the weekend and I won’t have access to Mr Cheese’s. See you at some point, though!

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You…

16 09 2008

First things first, nothing interesting happened today, considering there was school today. I got some French homework – learn 10 words, including “enfin” (lastly, finally).

But the main section of this post is to tell you about the upcoming feature of Mr Cheese’s Random Ramblings: a tutorial telling you how to make your own iPhone Style Icons. Won’t that be fun? Check back soon to get your share of the icon-making pie!