Mr Cheese’s Skiing Adventure

2 04 2009

At the time of writing, it’s 17 hours and 20 minutes until the Epic Mr Cheese Skiing Adventure Begins. You may have already noticed the well-suited temporary new header image (which actually shows Austria, where I’m going for the Adventure) and if not, look up to the top of the page, right now!

It’s a school ski trip to Alpendorf, Austria for a week with skiing all day everyday, Sunday-Thursday. We’re going by coach at 3:40 on Friday, leaving Eastbourne for Folkestone, where it’s onto the Eurotunnel for a while, when Calais all the way to the hotel in Alpendorf. All together it’s about a 14 hour trip, so I have my iPod and a pillow packed for the journey!

If there’s (free) wi-fi at the resort-type-place, I’ll blog each day about the adventures so far. If not, I’ll save posts as drafts then post them as one long ski trip novel when we get back on Saturday at about 12:30 pm.

I’ll be taking my camera, so watch this space for some snowy-white photos!

Oh, and for obvious reasons, don’t go expecting new MCSMS episodes for the next couple of weeks (unless you can tell me how to upload to YouTube from halfway up a mountain, that is). That’s Saturday 4th and Saturday 11th, for those calendar-worshipping people out there.

See you soon!


New York, New York (Coming Home)

21 11 2008

Well, today’s the day. We’re coming home, but not directly. Instead of flying Orlando to Gatwick, we are going Orlando – JFK (New York) – Heathrow then a coach to Gatwick. Why? Virgin decided to use a smaller plane with 100 less seats. They were looking for volunteers to change to the flight to New York. “What made you decide to do it?” You say! “You could have stayed on the same plane!” The answer to that one is: For doing it, we got four return flights to anywhere in the world except Australia for free! How good is that?
So we’re currently sitting at gate B26 in Terminal 4 of JFK Airport waiting for our flight to board to Heathrow. The flight is due to land at 6:20 AM, GMT. See you then!

Edit: WiFi in the airport didn’t work. Sorry for the lateness!

Shop Till We Drop (Day 8)

16 11 2008

Yesterday we started off by going to WonderWorks, a science-y hands-on place, followed by laser tag (which I won) and then on to the shops. We had chili-cheese fries at Johnny Rockets and a milkshake for lunch. Then we went to Mall at Millenia where, for the first time ever, I went into an Apple Store and bought something! I got a new pair of headphones for my iPod Touch which have an in-built microphone. We came back to the villa from a swim, then headed back out to Downtown Disney, followed by Walmart. We got home at about 11.

Splish Splash Splosh (Day 7)

16 11 2008

On day 7, we went to SeaWorld. We rode the Kraken, went on the Polar Express, fed sealions, fed dolphins, saw Shamu the killer whale and ate a not ice cream (Stupid iPod Touch correction system!) big ice cream.

Coaster Overload (Day 6)

16 11 2008

The day after Magic Kingdom we drove up to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens, which took an hour. There are lots of big coasters (to ride, not for a giant coffee mug!) which Harry decided to ride about 50 times each. There was an inverted coaster we started with, then a greenish one, followed by Sheikra. What is Sheikra? A huge red rollercoaster which climbs a big hill before hanging over and dropping down a completely vertical drop! It then loops for a bit before falling down another vertical drop! Sound scary? Harry rode it 5 times, twice before lunch and three times after. I did it four times.

Three Days Ago (Day 5)

16 11 2008

The other day we went to Magic Kingdom. The monorail was “delayed” so we got a ferry to the park. During the day, we caught Stitch, went to a monster comedy show, flew with Buzz Lightyear, rode Space Mountain and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We saw the Dreams Come True parade, then looked round the shop before coming home on the monorail. We stayed home with Nanny & Grandad and played mini golf.

Splash, Vroom (Day 4)

12 11 2008

Today we went to Aquatica, the water park from SeaWorld. There were lots of slides to go down and the water was very warm – like being in a bath!
After finishing at the water park at 4:30 we went to Fun Spot and got wristbands so that we could have unlimited rides on the four go kart tracks and the other rides such as the bumper boats and the bumper cars. So today was a fun day!