Another One For The Collection

1 09 2008

Apart from beating Harry at tennis and boxing on Wii Sports, nothing eventful happened today. However, as I looked into Harry’s fish tank today, I noticed yet another new addition – a snail. They didn’t buy it over the weekend, so I assume it was nestled in with one of the plants in the tank. We’re going to take it out, though, before it spawns hundreds of the blighters.

In other news, the August stats for this blog were as follows:

  • Total Views: 132
  • Average Views Per Day: 7
  • Posts: 13

Ninten-moan Wii

20 08 2008

All day I have been keeping a watchful eye on the Nintendo Wii Points Store, waiting for a restock so I can get the 100 Points I need to be able to buy Super Mario Bros. on Virtual Console. But no, as long as there are still some un-purchased 1000 Point cards left (which are out of my price range), the rest of the denominations are left at “0 Wii Point Card(s) of this type are still available”. They did restock once today. When? During dinner, and once I got back to my computer, the ones I wanted were sold out again. I’m not going to let that happen again – I have a plan. I’m going to stay up until just past midnight, seeing as they must restock at the start of each day, and nab one as soon as they’re available. In your face, Nintendo.

A Trip Down No-Memory Lane

18 08 2008

Today, I turned on the Nintendo Wii for a bit of classic arcade gaming action. I played a couple of games of our favourite nom-nom-nomming guy, Pac-Man, in which I doubled the previous high score, then shouted “Itsa me!” as I played Super Mario World and completed two of the boss levels.

These games may be fun, but I never got to play the real games, on the consoles they were designed for, seeing as I wasn’t born then. So the gaming session didn’t bring back any old memories, as I didn’t have any. Ah well, in years to come I will have memories of the soon-to-be “old school” PS3 games when they bring out the next revolutionary console.

To spice this post up, how about some facts about video games you might not know?

  • Nintendo started off as a company that manufactured playing cards.
  • When the first home edition of Pong was released, it cost $98.95 – ouch!
  • Mario was originally called Jump-Man when he appeared in Donkey Kong.
  • Around half the games created by company Codemasters were written by two 18-year-olds, who wrote their first game at 13.
  • It was believed that Atari’s Pong was actually copied from Ralph Baer’s patented game simply called Ping Pong created for the Odyssey console.
  • Pac-Man was originally called Puck Man, but was changed after vandals kept changing the name to something more explicit.

So there you go! Six video game facts you might not have known!


12 07 2008

This morning was a joyous occasion in my gaming life as, for the very first time, I completed a game to 100%! The game was LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures on Nintendo Wii, and it took me about 2 weeks to complete (not in one session, of course!). This may not sound like much, but, as I say, it is the first time that I have ever done it! I was giving myself pats on the back for about an hour when I saw that wonderful 100% on the status screen!

Goodbye, Friend

26 03 2008

It’s always sad to say goodbye to a friend forever. But today, instead of saying goodbye forever, I just gave it to my brother, Harry, instead. The subject? Purr Pals for Nintendo DS, in which you have to care for kittens by feeding them, grooming them and the such. I sold the game to H for £11 – a reasonable price when it’s £15 in the shops new – and now he’s happy as Larry; all I can hear is Felix meowing for food, a bit like Murray, my real cat!

As a quick note, I didn’t write yesterday as we went to Plumpton Racecourse for the Easter races, during which I did not pick the winning horse once.

A Revisit To An Old Friend

23 03 2008

Today, I, as the title suggests, revisited an old friend. “Who is this friend?”, I hear you ask! Well it’s not “who” but “what”. The subject at hand here is Enigmo 2 – a puzzle game from Pangea Software. The object is to collect 50 drops of water, 50 particles of plasma, or 50…er…”bits” of laser (What do you call a “bit” of laser?!) in a tank. Once you get past level 7 it gets very hard because it starts using three axis instead of two, which means that you have to line the objects up not just up, down, left and right, but forwards and backwards as well. Trust me, it takes a lot of patience!

As an extra bonus note, today’s post marks 8 posts on my blog – the first number to mean that there are more than the ones on the first page!

Wipeout Pulse

16 03 2008

I have been playing Wipeout Pulse a lot lately, and I have found an interesting, well, I suppose you could call it a glitch. If you get caught in a quake (something I do rather a lot, because I never have a shield), then your ship seemingly moves underneath the race track:

I suppose they can’t think of everything at Sony, but it would be nice if they got the graphics sorted out. Oh, and also, if you do decide to explode (another thing I very often do) if there are a lot of other ships on-screen, the graphics seem to lack the ability to keep up with the game play. I would have thought that, maybe, in the depths of the realm of Sony, they would have been able to overcome things like this. Also, while we’re on the subject of the game, be sure to check out my custom ship skins at – search for the user called jobbogamer to find them.