Shortcuts MKII

7 03 2009

Time for some annoyance. TinyURL has changed ever so slightly in the last week, meaning that custom urls ( are no longer possible. So MCSMS has switched allegiance to – and the same principle follows:

And for those who didn’t know about the TinyURL system, this means that Episode 10 is and so on. Episode 7.1 is and the Christmas episode is There will be a short delay before every link works (I’m still in the process of creating them), but before long, MCSMS shortcuts will be back to normal.



24 02 2009

MCSMS ChartI’d just like to thank everyone who watched Episode 16 and managed to get the views up to 130 in just four days. To put this in perspective, Episode 1 hasn’t managed to get over 100 in just over four months. I can only assume that it’s because Episode 16 was placed onto the Boinx example page, grabbing views from everyone who goes to the page to buy iStopMotion. Here’s a little graph to prove my point; it shows Episodes 1, 16 and the Christmas Episode as a running total so you can see the amazing rate of growth of it.

A Little Shortcut

22 02 2009

Happy Sunday, all people who own computers with internet access! Not only is there a new Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show, Episode 16, but a new quick-access method to reach every episode. Let me show you:

For example, to watch Episode 8 in a hurry, type – it’s as simple as that! Note: For Episode 7.1, it’s and for the Christmas Episode it’s


6 01 2009

macworldgrextetWell, I don’t really have much to say at the moment, except I got my English coursework done on time (yippee) and I am definitely not very good at Tetris (boo). Oh, and I can’t wait to see the video of the Apple keynote which may, or may not, have finished yet. It started about 55 minutes ago – any ideas how long before the video will be online anyone?

Weekly, Schmeekly

30 12 2008

I’ve made a tactical decision and uploaded Episode 10 today because I couldn’t wait. It’s my favourite one, not because I think it’s the best one, but because of the main subject of the video. It’s my new MacBook! My MacBook is a star on YouTube! Go ahead and watch it. Just ignore my hand and the big piece of green string that also appear during the movie. I just didn’t want to drop my laptop, so I feel it was necessary. Enjoy, and I think I’ll drop the weekly episodes – I’ll just upload them when they’re finished instead. Better than trying to rush to meet a deadline…

D’oh! Not Again!

26 12 2008

I know that I said there would be another MCSMS tomorrow, and I even made it in advance, but I forgot to bring it with me this weekend. You know what that means: another extra day to wait until Sunday. Sorry!

On a happier note, Merry Christmas for yesterday! I hope Santa brought you what you wanted. Personally, I’m saving for a new MacBook so I wanted money this year instead of presents. I got it – to the tune of £519. Which means that I now have enough to order my computer! Yay!

I also received an evil 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube and Animal Crossing for Wii, amongst some other, littler presents.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town…

24 12 2008

Yes, in the words of Frank Sinatra (and probably a load of other people as well), Santa Claus is indeed coming to town. Dig around in the loft and find that stocking and get it hung up – usual preference is over the fireplace, but if you don’t have a fireplace, or work for the fire brigade and don’t like the fire hazard of cloth near an open fire, hang it at the end of your bed instead. The big guy in a red costume will come when you are sleeping, but he knows when you’re awake and he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake! Otherwise, he won’t visit and then you’ll be like “Oh, if only I was good and I went to sleep last night” and you won’t have any extra presents. You’ll regret it! I bet you didn’t know that St. Nick actually came from Turkey (although that’s probably not the reason that we eat turkey on the 25th) and that, before he was commercialised, he actually wore a green suit! Bet that doesn’t seem right when you picture it in your head!

There will be a special Christmas-themed MCSMS tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled and have fun watching! Plus there will be another episode on Saturday, as usual! I spoil you, don’t I?

Finally, why not spoil your Mac (or iPhone) by making it all Christmassy?