Weekly, Schmeekly

30 12 2008

I’ve made a tactical decision and uploaded Episode 10 today because I couldn’t wait. It’s my favourite one, not because I think it’s the best one, but because of the main subject of the video. It’s my new MacBook! My MacBook is a star on YouTube! Go ahead and watch it. Just ignore my hand and the big piece of green string that also appear during the movie. I just didn’t want to drop my laptop, so I feel it was necessary. Enjoy, and I think I’ll drop the weekly episodes – I’ll just upload them when they’re finished instead. Better than trying to rush to meet a deadline…


Life With A MacBook – Day 1

28 12 2008

So it’s been about 27 hours since I first pressed the power switch on my shiny new computer. I’ve had to do about 12 updates, and three of these required a system restart, but that didn’t take long. Most of the applications I’m going to want are installed, including Photoshop Elements 6, Adium, Skype, NetNewsWire, Audacity, WireTap Pro and Office 2008. All day today I’ve been playing with it, customising settings and whatnot, and watched an hour and 40 minutes of TV shows and movies transferred from my iPod in between downloads. I also spent about three hours searching for a suitable case for it, and eventually found one on Amazon for about £13. I have just given up looking for a free alternative to Coda, because I can’t find one. Oh well. It’s not overly important – it was just for fun stuff like making Dock Icons for Adium. Finally, I’ve been getting used to Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ, the “unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.” It’s rather nifty; I can open an application by typing four keystrokes – for example, S-A-F-Return opens Safari – and play a song from iTunes without going anywhere near my music library. I’m off to have some more quality Me & MacBook time. Bye bye!


27 12 2008

MacBook2008I’m really, really, really, really, really happy! Do you know why? It’s because I don’t need to order my new MacBook any more! We went into Brighton today, to Solutions, and bought it! In fact, I’m typing this post from “Mr MacBook”! I was in the process of adding bookmarks to Safari and downloading my favourite applications such as NetNewsWire and Adium when I realised that I needed to post about it! I got a 13″ Aluminium MacBook with 2GB RAM (more than my iMac at home!) and a 160GB hard drive (Less than my iMac at home) and it’s rather nice. It has a multi-touch trackpad so I can swipe with different combinations of fingers for different effects – for example, a three-finger swipe to the left in Safari is essentially the same as pressing the Back button in the browser. It’s really good! And the best part is, it’s all mine! No-one to tell me what applications I can install or anything! Yay!

I’m off to do some more customising. See you soon!