Me, Myself and I

Hi there! I am, as you probably have guessed, Mr Cheese. I ramble randomly day in, day out, so I thought, “Hey! Why not post my ramblings in a blog?”. Why am I called Mr Cheese? That’s something that, to this day, I have never found out. It just, sort of, well, started being me!

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3 responses

24 09 2008

Hi Josh, I tried bookmarking your blog, but my computer froze… so I added it to favorites so that I can read your (very) random ramblings reguraly, try saying that quickly! Anyway, toodlepip old chap.


8 01 2009
Evil McNevil (Number 1)

Hola! Well, what can I say? You have ALOT of entries on here! The American laws one made me laugh loads! Anywho (Still my word!!)….what was i saying? Oh yes, see you laaater! 🙂


P.S.S (Don’t take his side Louise! Penguins unite! We shall overcome “Wilson” and his team!)

9 01 2009

‘Lo Josh. Tracked down your blog! Thank Ava (my online self) for that. Oh, isn’t technology wonderbubble. Ta-ra!
The cheese, by the way, is, in fact, a lie.

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