16 12 2008

Don’t come near me at the moment, unless you want a very sore throat and a major headache. 24 hours a day. Yep, I’ve got germs, and I am not feeling 100%, 75%, 50% or even 25%. I think it’s around 6.28% (which, coincidentally, is approximately 2π {That was this font’s pathetic attempt at a pi symbol, by the way}). Yes, alright, I did that on purpose, but who’s keeping score? So that’s the negative end, or the stick. Now for the positives, or carrot (unless you’re like me and you don’t like carrots, so instead go for a Dairy Milk):

I got my school Report the other day. It was kind of good news really, hence the carrot/Dairy Milk.

Subject – (Indicated Grade) – Actual Grade I achieved.

English – (A*) – A

Maths – (A*) – A-

Science – (A*) – A*

ICT – (A) – C¹

Geography – (A*) – A*

ICT Digital Imaging – (A) – A-

Media Studies – (A) – C²

French – (A) – B

So that wasn’t too bad. Also, bear in mind that that is the first report of the year; my GCSEs are in 1½ years.

¹ I wasn’t at school when the work was due in, so I had to be given a placeholder grade.

² We haven’t had any assessments in Media yet, so again, placeholder.

See you another time! By the way, Mr Cheese’s Stop Motion Show Episode 8 is live. Have fun!




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