Yesterday (Day Two)

10 11 2008

Yesterday wasn’t a Disney day. Instead we went to Universal Studios and stayed there for the day. We evaded being killed by a mummy’s curse, being killed in a tornado and being killed by a shark. Bit of a disaster filled time, eh? Then we starred in a disaster movie by being extras and shot some aliens with J from Men In Black. I had a hot dog for lunch and after that we took a bike ride with ET. We did a tad of shopping and bought a Make-Your-Own Spongebob for Harry, then left the park and went to Islands of Adventure where I rode with the Incredible Hulk before going home and going back out with Nanny and Grandad to Olive Garden for dinner, which I ended up bringing back in a box. It’s becoming a trend!




One response

11 11 2008

It sounds like you’re having a good time! Coincidentally, I almost got killed by a tornado as well… well it could have been one with the amount of wind, I was practically blown home :).

Well, bye, enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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