A Trip Down No-Memory Lane

18 08 2008

Today, I turned on the Nintendo Wii for a bit of classic arcade gaming action. I played a couple of games of our favourite nom-nom-nomming guy, Pac-Man, in which I doubled the previous high score, then shouted “Itsa me!” as I played Super Mario World and completed two of the boss levels.

These games may be fun, but I never got to play the real games, on the consoles they were designed for, seeing as I wasn’t born then. So the gaming session didn’t bring back any old memories, as I didn’t have any. Ah well, in years to come I will have memories of the soon-to-be “old school” PS3 games when they bring out the next revolutionary console.

To spice this post up, how about some facts about video games you might not know?

  • Nintendo started off as a company that manufactured playing cards.
  • When the first home edition of Pong was released, it cost $98.95 – ouch!
  • Mario was originally called Jump-Man when he appeared in Donkey Kong.
  • Around half the games created by company Codemasters were written by two 18-year-olds, who wrote their first game at 13.
  • It was believed that Atari’s Pong was actually copied from Ralph Baer’s patented game simply called Ping Pong created for the Odyssey console.
  • Pac-Man was originally called Puck Man, but was changed after vandals kept changing the name to something more explicit.

So there you go! Six video game facts you might not have known!




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