Choo, Choo

15 08 2008

After a little post confusion, I posted the Facebook post last night instead of this one. Not to worry though…

Today Yesterday, we drove up to Romney to take a trip on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR). The railway features steam and diesel trains built to 1/3 scale of the real thing. So, because we went to the railway specifically for the steam engines, the first train into the station was… A diesel. But we didn’t mind; we could get off at New Romney station and switch trains.

Not to say that a diesel isn’t just as fun. On the trip from New Romney to Dungeness, we saw two lighthouses and a nuclear power station. When we arrived back at New Romney, we got off and went to the café for a cup of tea each, all the while looking at the various leaflets for other attractions that were conveniently placed next to our table.

After the tea, we waited for the next train, which we had worked out should be a steam train. And we waited… and waited… until, finally, a good 15 minutes late the locomotive chugged its way into the station. Those were 15 minutes well spent though, as we watched another engine being filled with water. As the next train pulled to a stop, we realised we would be travelling on the one we had just seen being refilled. The engines switched places and we got into a coach, ready for the next stage of the journey.

When we arrived at Hythe, the last station on the line, we were hoping for a nice place to eat lunch. However, all we found was a signpost to Town Centre that told us we were nowhere near an eatery. And to top it all off, it started raining. But, as if the property developers of Hythe were on our side, we poked our heads round the corner to see a small café, so we ate in there.

After lunch, we began our return journey, but not before watching our next engine go for a spin on the turntable. We then sat in the first coach so that we could open the window and hear the noise of the steam engine.

On arriving back at New Romney for the last time that day, we took the stairs in the café up to the model railway exhibition. That was very interesting, seeing the layout that had taken five years to design and create. It was capable of running 30 trains at the same time! It was also very inspiring; I have now decided to design my own layout.

So, that was my day!




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