A Revisit To An Old Friend

23 03 2008

Today, I, as the title suggests, revisited an old friend. “Who is this friend?”, I hear you ask! Well it’s not “who” but “what”. The subject at hand here is Enigmo 2 – a puzzle game from Pangea Software. The object is to collect 50 drops of water, 50 particles of plasma, or 50…er…”bits” of laser (What do you call a “bit” of laser?!) in a tank. Once you get past level 7 it gets very hard because it starts using three axis instead of two, which means that you have to line the objects up not just up, down, left and right, but forwards and backwards as well. Trust me, it takes a lot of patience!

As an extra bonus note, today’s post marks 8 posts on my blog – the first number to mean that there are more than the ones on the first page!



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