Wipeout Pulse

16 03 2008

I have been playing Wipeout Pulse a lot lately, and I have found an interesting, well, I suppose you could call it a glitch. If you get caught in a quake (something I do rather a lot, because I never have a shield), then your ship seemingly moves underneath the race track:

I suppose they can’t think of everything at Sony, but it would be nice if they got the graphics sorted out. Oh, and also, if you do decide to explode (another thing I very often do) if there are a lot of other ships on-screen, the graphics seem to lack the ability to keep up with the game play. I would have thought that, maybe, in the depths of the realm of Sony, they would have been able to overcome things like this. Also, while we’re on the subject of the game, be sure to check out my custom ship skins at www.wipeout-game.com – search for the user called jobbogamer to find them.




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